WOAH fixing things up!

May 5, 2013
Don't know why I decided to do this, but for some reason I decided to fix up the pictures page on this site XD
It now has more up-to-date cosplay photos (At least of right now- May 4th 2013) 

soooo in other news, Animaritime is coming up once again. 55 days to be exact. I think this is probably going to be a really weird one, since we normally spend the weekend in Moncton. This year, it moved to a bigger location (Fredericton) with a brand new convention centre and everything. We rented out a huge dorm room at UNB for the weekend (3 double beds if we read right! woo hoo! if thats the case, we have a bed for all of our shit to pile onto! yay!) instead of a hotel room since the price was a lot nicer and its only like a 10 minute car ride to the con.

I'm quite excited about our outfits this year!!
I think on friday we were planning on doing Card Captors, Saturday is Pandora Hearts (With a huge group!!) and Sunday will be Durarara! :) so much excitement!!
I feel kind of bad that I haven't really made any of mine though since I normally would take pride in sewing them.... but the fact that they will look awesomeeee is kind of dulling that pain. 
I have almost everything I need for all three days!

Just for myself here, these are the things I still need to get done:

-mary-jane shoes for Madison bought

-scythe staff painted
-scythe blade sealed, finished and painted

-scythe blade made attachable to the staff
-boots for Alice in my possession
-Boots for Alice modified
-hair 'spikes' for Alice made
-Hair 'spikes' attached
-Shoe 'spikes' made
-and attached
-(POSSIBLE) b-rabbit made
-(POSSIBLE) lines sewn into gloves
-wig for Izaya in possession
-and styled nicely
-Contacts for him (red-brown?)
-Decide on a shirt
-fix up/get belt
-sew fur onto sweater
-find shoes
-see about softening pants
-(POSSIBLE) switchblade from old comb
-(POSSIBLE) fake cellphone like his. 

thanks me :) <3

Bored. but who isnt?

January 30, 2011
i suppose that there might be a lot of things to do when your bored. like.. going outside and building a snowman for one? or possibly starting up a craft if the weather is bad. or even doing the lazy thing and surfing the net until you come across something that looks remotely interesting and spending hours doing whatever you would do on that little crawl-space of the internet (which just so happens to be a favorite pass-time of mine). More practically, i could see what was going on in the wo...
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A weird feeling.

September 2, 2010
I suppose that I should be writing here a little more often... more just to fill up the page for my own satisfaction. but truthfully, I had it in mind that I was going to make this like my own little not-so-private journal sort of deal (no one will read it anyway) and rant out everything until my heart was content.
Truthfully, I would have forgotten about this poor little site by now if it wasnt for the emails that my hit counter on the main page sends informing me that no one ever visits my s...
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4 hours and a needle.

June 10, 2010
well... the title of this entry states 2 things, but they are completely seperate from eachother. 4 hours. a needle.
let me start in reverse order and tall you about the needle first.

ahem. needle. okay. so i'm online and am like "man... those are nice earings on that girl and its so cute that she has 2 holes so she can wear 2 sets and they match :D i want." (can you see where this is going?) so i look into it and its a REDICULOUS amount of money just to get a hole punched through your skin. pa...
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Driving course!

June 1, 2010
Okay, so i think that this poor blog will hve 2 posts for each day (one for web development and one for the personal shit) until im done messing with the site as a whole. so.. sorry for the massive amounts of posts if anyone reads this XD
So my friend is taking a drivers ed course that i decided to take with her...and i put off regestering for forever (plus i had none of the info because i neglected to get the paper off of my girlfriends desk)..until we realized that it st...
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site update 2

June 1, 2010
Added a bit of a 'guestbook' but I cant seem to find a way to make an actual one yet...So I guess I'll have t do with the meebo chatbox for right now. Meh. It works as a temporary.

Also, I added and fixed up the hit counter (So that I can giggle at how few people have seen this site). Oh, and I majorly fixed up the front image- I cleaned up the lineart on her and made the green border less...haphazard and huge. now it fits nicely to the outside and her lines don't look like I just sketched her...
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thunder and lightningggg~

May 31, 2010
Hoshit~ Thunder just happened out of nowhere and it must have been right over top of my house.. because the house was shaking quite a bit! Lets just hope that it doesnt get too bad at Peggy's Cove, i dont want my poor little girl to have to walk to her car in that rain (Plus the waves would be horrible!)!!!
Got yelled at a few minutes ago over supper because i wont call the credit card guy back... and because I am not 'looking hard enough into this drivers ed thing'. Mainly because i don't wan...
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and again

May 30, 2010
well then. on to the second blog post of this kinda-fun website. now that i have it up and running with all of the 'essentials', i will start adding more pages (and sub-pages if i can figure out how to do so) with things for anyone who happens to pass by. I might first start with some anime music, catigorized by series title. And from there will be the non-anime and english music if i can even get that much on there :P wish me luck- i'm off to create even more!

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May 29, 2010
Today I am here to give you ('you' being probabaly only me).... A WEBSITE. Yes, thats right, I'm making myself a little haven to rant and ramble and post things and make nonsense into wonderful magical beings...ie; prevent myself from slipping into even more bordom. Haven't done a lot in my first little bit of this site, just uploaded a banner and changed some text...and am currently (obviously) writing the first blog post. As of the contents of this wonderful little site, I am thinking of pe...
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