Today I am here to give you ('you' being probabaly only me).... A WEBSITE. Yes, thats right, I'm making myself a little haven to rant and ramble and post things and make nonsense into wonderful magical; prevent myself from slipping into even more bordom. Haven't done a lot in my first little bit of this site, just uploaded a banner and changed some text...and am currently (obviously) writing the first blog post. As of the contents of this wonderful little site, I am thinking of perhaps some anime things (Music? Pictures? Links?), some cosplaying things (From my own little amature cosplay group, Avacado Cosplay) and things that I find interesting either in my day to day life or what I find on the web. That about sums it up for today's entry I think....That and my girfriend should be off work in about 15-20 minutes. I believe in that time I can make a small "About Me" page.
Write more later,