Hoshit~ Thunder just happened out of nowhere and it must have been right over top of my house.. because the house was shaking quite a bit! Lets just hope that it doesnt get too bad at Peggy's Cove, i dont want my poor little girl to have to walk to her car in that rain (Plus the waves would be horrible!)!!!
Got yelled at a few minutes ago over supper because i wont call the credit card guy back... and because I am not 'looking hard enough into this drivers ed thing'. Mainly because i don't want to do either quite frankly. perhaps i'll enroll in drivers training with my friend, perhaps not...it IS starting in 2 days though, so i dont see why they would take me. but I wont make another phone call to the mastercard guy...Im terrified of calling people (unless its dee and i know that SHE will pick up). she should know this- she DOES know this. but does she care? nope.

Almost 9:00 PM here right now so I guess that means my cutie will be home in a half an hour or so. suppose i'll go and somehow steal my phone back from my mom....and risk my head getting ripped off.
hopefully i'll be back.
SUCCESS. i found it on the kitchen table and didnt even have to venture into the parents' room.

in other news, ive just realized that i can have photoshop, flash, my webcam, various sites, MSN and my music up and things will run smoothly. however, if i try and upload music while editing some text on a different window, the whole system craps out. OH HOW I LOVE SHITTY INTERNET CONNECTIONS! this also means that my music will be updated very slowly.. but it'll all eventually get there hopefully :D

Okay, i suppose I should stop talking about nothing now..ive just made 2 posts in one day (oops) :P