Don't know why I decided to do this, but for some reason I decided to fix up the pictures page on this site XD
It now has more up-to-date cosplay photos (At least of right now- May 4th 2013) 

soooo in other news, Animaritime is coming up once again. 55 days to be exact. I think this is probably going to be a really weird one, since we normally spend the weekend in Moncton. This year, it moved to a bigger location (Fredericton) with a brand new convention centre and everything. We rented out a huge dorm room at UNB for the weekend (3 double beds if we read right! woo hoo! if thats the case, we have a bed for all of our shit to pile onto! yay!) instead of a hotel room since the price was a lot nicer and its only like a 10 minute car ride to the con.

I'm quite excited about our outfits this year!!
I think on friday we were planning on doing Card Captors, Saturday is Pandora Hearts (With a huge group!!) and Sunday will be Durarara! :) so much excitement!!
I feel kind of bad that I haven't really made any of mine though since I normally would take pride in sewing them.... but the fact that they will look awesomeeee is kind of dulling that pain. 
I have almost everything I need for all three days!

Just for myself here, these are the things I still need to get done:

-mary-jane shoes for Madison bought

-scythe staff painted
-scythe blade sealed, finished and painted

-scythe blade made attachable to the staff
-boots for Alice in my possession
-Boots for Alice modified
-hair 'spikes' for Alice made
-Hair 'spikes' attached
-Shoe 'spikes' made
-and attached
-(POSSIBLE) b-rabbit made
-(POSSIBLE) lines sewn into gloves
-wig for Izaya in possession
-and styled nicely
-Contacts for him (red-brown?)
-Decide on a shirt
-fix up/get belt
-sew fur onto sweater
-find shoes
-see about softening pants
-(POSSIBLE) switchblade from old comb
-(POSSIBLE) fake cellphone like his. 

thanks me :) <3