well... the title of this entry states 2 things, but they are completely seperate from eachother. 4 hours. a needle.
let me start in reverse order and tall you about the needle first.

ahem. needle. okay. so i'm online and am like "man... those are nice earings on that girl and its so cute that she has 2 holes so she can wear 2 sets and they match :D i want." (can you see where this is going?) so i look into it and its a REDICULOUS amount of money just to get a hole punched through your skin. pay them to hurt you? no thanks. (my mom paid the clairs people to do my first ear peircings when i was young, so it was none of my concern). and so.. since i like to (but suck at) sewing, i have a sewing needle handy. and im partially insane. and even though i have a pain tolerance of -8, i went for it, more to see if i could withought chickening out. AND IT WORKED SURPRISINGLY WELL. which i was shocked about. my sister had done a second hole in her ears a while back herself and said it didnt hurt much so i wanted to try and it really didnt minus the initial sting and right now as its healing around the earing a teeny bit. mission: so far sucsessful. Dee is all woried about an infection, but i think its fine. i put stuff on it all the time (disenfectant stuff) so it SHOULD be okay, but if its not, i'll just take it out :P yay me~

And now onto the second thing. my 4 hours..at work. I spend a lovely day with Dee after being at Emma's (a friend) for the night (didnt go to sleep until like.. 3-4ish) and we go shopping and come home with 20 minutes until i work (which we spent nicely *coughmostlynekkedcough*) so by the time i get to work i'm exausted.....i think my first mistake was going to work wanting to be curled up into her asleep on my bed. once arriving, i walk in to find my two LEAST favorite coworkers on cash and a manager who appears to be stressed and snappy...yayyy. but i think "meh, im only here until 9...just 4 hours of working and its going to be dead anyway." (which mostly stayed true for the whole night). I go into the back to count a till and meet one of my favorite coworkers back there who will be working the evening shift with me (yay).. and she promptly brings to my attention that the back of my work uniform shirt is stained lightly with some blue somethingorother. SUCK. i only have 2 shirts to wear and now thats down to 1...but i have to pretend this stain doesnt exist for the night anyway. i count, i drop some dimes, i lose 3 of them (i think?) and then i get out to front store and least-fav-coworkers are pissy and...and well.. im just glad their leaving,
(have to go, will post more laterr)