Added a bit of a 'guestbook' but I cant seem to find a way to make an actual one yet...So I guess I'll have t do with the meebo chatbox for right now. Meh. It works as a temporary.

Also, I added and fixed up the hit counter (So that I can giggle at how few people have seen this site). Oh, and I majorly fixed up the front image- I cleaned up the lineart on her and made the green border less...haphazard and huge. now it fits nicely to the outside and her lines don't look like I just sketched her poorly at 5 in the morning and left it for the next day to color...which I actually did. Thats about it for the site updates- I'll be adding more music as soon as I possibly can, and the non-anime music section will eventually be looked after :D
Thanks for reading!