i suppose that there might be a lot of things to do when your bored. like.. going outside and building a snowman for one? or possibly starting up a craft if the weather is bad. or even doing the lazy thing and surfing the net until you come across something that looks remotely interesting and spending hours doing whatever you would do on that little crawl-space of the internet (which just so happens to be a favorite pass-time of mine). More practically, i could see what was going on in the world around me, or perhaps start on a cosplay that i need to have soon. But no. No, i choose to write on a laptop on my own little nook on the ciberwebs.

taking up time must be done when you have nothing better to do.

so, in one corner of this room, my lovely girlfriend is doing homework- thumbnails for a typography course- while my best friend is laying next to me, presumably sleeping. This is her laptop i'm using by the way.

things have been getting along fine in life i suppose (with their regular ups and downs that all life seems to have) and I recently got accepted into collage (an art one) just so i can say im going to school somewhere and waste some money. god knows what i'm doing for a job though. Arts is the only thing that i sometimes enjoy doing, so i guess that would have to be my field. to be honest, applying for this school was more of a pressure thing from everyone around me (namely my parents and other older people) since i would usually get the whole 'you aren't in school yet?!?!" talk at every opportunity, and i dont really WANT to be in school. I'm really fucking terrified. i DREAD next fall (I was almost hoping that i wouldnt get accepted at one point...).

guess thats all i have to say for now... :) yay for random posts, right??
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