So you want to know a bit about me, Vixie, your web-hostess, huh? Here we go;

Name(s): Vixie, Kitty (most used), Jen, Neva
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2-3"
Status: In a relationship, Lesbian
Location: Canada
Likes: girls, my girlfriend in particular, colors, roleplays, cosplaying, anime, manga, general nerdy things, computers, time-wasters, meeting new people, laughing, art, money, lolita fashion, cute things, cats, singing, drawing, acting, smiling, hanging out with friends, sparkles, lights, music, photoshop, flash, windows 7, random notes, rainbows, donations, strawberries, candy, fingernail polish, making lists like these that have no point but just keep going, the rain, kissing in said rain, mistletoe, getting presents, giving presents to people that appreceate them, writing fiction - especially FANfiction, yaoi, yuri, any romance (as a genre and in life), asukira, my hair being played with, being fussed over, getting any emails that aren't junk mail, make-believe games, sunny days, days off from work, peanutbutter.....and so much more.
Dislikes: Phobias.
Phobias: Dogs, heights, falling, spiders and other insects, ghosts and zombies, darkness, blood, injuries, failure, being alone, small spaces, dying, surgery, calling people, or having them call me (so phones in general really), stalkers, being abandoned, night time, stepping on slugs (I'M ACTUALLY TRAUMATIZED), deep water, fire, being blind/mute/deaf....and others I bet XD

A bit more about me
Well, I created this site mainly to fight boredom and everything that comes with it I suppose.. plus its a nice little place to put whatever I want to rant about so that I wont be annoying the wonderful people on my livejournal or deviantart accounts. On that note, I do have a LJ (neva-kitty) and DA (vvixie) which I post to not very frequently and often neglect. I'm also on facebook but I wont give you that. I don't have a twitter, I think that they are completely pointless and strange..and I don't want to put forth the effort to figure it out. Currently, I do not own a cell phone of any sort and only recently got my first laptop (which is what I am using to post this) and first real gaming system (a Wii, the only other thing I have is a broken gameboy color). I am living in a house with my younger sister (Allison, Almost 16), my mother (who is always yelling at me and claims she hates me), my father (who often gets out of the house for nights on end to fish or just be in the wilderness at his camp), 2 budgies (annoying as hell, but their mine I guess) and 1 cat (Andy, probably a neighbors cat, decided to join our family after the last of our 3 other cats passed away). I draw and sing the most out of all the tings I do for fun, as well as reading manga, watching anime online and hanging out with my beyond wonderful girlfriend; Deirdre (Dee). Its not often that I have all that much free time however, since I have a full-time job at a pharmacy, working as a front store supervisor / cash...which isn't a bad job...but it could sure be better.
Really, if you want to know anything else about me, just ask and I will be more than willing to tell you :)

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