Okay, so i think that this poor blog will hve 2 posts for each day (one for web development and one for the personal shit) until im done messing with the site as a whole. so.. sorry for the massive amounts of posts if anyone reads this XD
So my friend is taking a drivers ed course that i decided to take with her...and i put off regestering for forever (plus i had none of the info because i neglected to get the paper off of my girlfriends desk)..until we realized that it started today at 5PM. so... I woke up this morning, went online at 9:30 and checked if they still had spots open for it.. only to find out that there was ONE seat left. GRABBED IT. I was the last person they let regester :D so.... i'm a bit terrified now because I really hate cars, completely forget everything I learned to get my beginners, cant get ahold of my friend (that will have to give me a lift there for the next 2 tuesadys and thursdays-including tonight) and dont even know if thats the exact same course shes it (OH GOD, WHAT IF ITS NOT?!?!?). Also i'm 670$ shorter (Wah. that could have been 2 D.O.D. adoptions with the full sets D: petshaaaaa~ I'm sorry! I need to drive instead of looking at you and all your prettiness!). Had to call into work and make a big disruption where my manager got mad at me for being so last minute and my coworker scrambled around to switch her shifts (and another coworker's shifts) to make this possible for me. I LOVE MY COWORKERS! They actually figured it all out for me (Jess, i think i might adore yo now)